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George Arthur Fripp (1813-1890) Village of Andeer on road to the Splügen Pass
  • George Arthur Fripp (1813-1890) Village of Andeer on road to the Splügen Pass

    A 22 year old William James Müller accompanied the 21 year old George Arthur Fripp on both of their first overseas trip to the continent. The two young artists from Bristol travelled widely across Europe and it gave them long lasting inspiration and ideas for their art. An article for the Walker's Gallery written by Harold Stuart Thompson helps to place this drawing chronologically in their tour:


    'They reached Zurich on August 25th, and sketched there for two days ; then they spent ten days about Lake Wallenstadt. Next they visited Goire and Thusis, near the entrance to the famous Gorge of the Via Mala, and thus to Spliigen at the head of the Pass. The writer has an interesting drawing, 17 ins. by 11 ins., of this limestone gorge in subdued colours and much pencil shading, with the light on the waterfall intensified by Chinese white (scratched out on the torrent below), and signed 'In the Via Mala George A. Fripp.' A pencil sketch by Müller of the same subject and size was shown at the Miiller Exhibition in Birmingham, 1896. In 1849, among the five Swiss or other Alpine views exhibited by Fripp at the O.W.C.S., was No. 128, In the Pass of the Spliigen, Switzerland. After several days at Spliigen, Müller and Fripp went over the Pass and down the Italian side to Ghiavenna.' [1]


    This drawing must therefore have been completed by Fripp in early September 1834 and he clearly wanted to revisit the work at a later date as he has made various inscriptions on the paper. On the left hand-side he was written 'pineforests' and at the bottom left hand-corner '++ Snow Mountains. Snow of a warm tone intense light. ? and a half to be added. Deep purple tones on the hills. The lights of a rich subdued color. each side do ?? proportions!' (note, this is slightly covered by the mount but a photo shows the full inscription)


    Medium: pencil on paper, 25.5 x 40.7 cm, mounted. Inscribed l.r. 'The village of Andeer on the road to the Splugen. GFF 1834.'


    Provenance: Harry(?) Fripp (descendant of the artist) - inscribed on back of drawing; Collection of Bill Thomson (owner of the Albany Gallery).


    Condition report: some creasing and time staining. The paper is quite wavy on the right hand-side.




    [1] Harold Stuart Thompson, 'George A. Fripp and Alfred D. Fripp', Walker's Quarterly: Walker's Gallery, 1928, p.18.

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