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19th Century English School - Lake Windermere
  • 19th Century English School - Lake Windermere

    A picturesque early 19th century view of Lake Windmere. Following very much in the school of artists such as Paul Sandby, Edward Dayes, John Glover, Thomas Girtin and John Varley, this watercolour is an interesting view of the famous tourist site. Unfortunately, there is no signature or inscription linking this work to a particular artist. However, further research may be able to help with this.


    Medium: watercolour on paper, 12.3 x 17.6cm, mounted. Inscribed verso 'Lake Windermere'.


    Provenance: Collection of Bill Thompson (Albany Gallery).


    Condition report: There is a small circular indent on the paper visible by the large mountain (see photos). There is also a diagonal line through the sky. This is only visible under strong light and when viewed up close. It may have been from how the watercolour was stored in the past. There is a small bump in the lower right hand corner of the mount.

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