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After David Roberts (1796-1864) - Chapel of Ferdinand and Isabella in Granada
  • After David Roberts (1796-1864) - Chapel of Ferdinand and Isabella in Granada

    One of the 'most pleasing' lithographs in the series according to Katherine Sim (pp.76-77) is this work of the Capillo Reale, the tombs of Ferdinand and Isabella in Gránada. The chapel itself is late Gothic in style and is amongst the most splendid royal mausoleums in Europe. The massive monuments, 'apparently sarcophagi, are of white marble sculpted in Italian Renaissance style, richly and elaborately decorated' (p.77). Roberts' study is sharply drawn with warm touches of ochre and pale rose-madder.


    The larger monument to the left is the tomb of Joan la Loca and her husband Philip the Fair because their son Charles V decided upon this arganement. His grandparents were therefore on the lower level despite their illustrious past. Isabella was seen as an highly intellectual woman and due to this fact, her head being heavier, is sunk further into her pillow than Ferdinand's. Roberts has faithfully drawn this and Sim's suggests that he 'almost certainly worked from a small pulpit which is conveniently placed in one corner of the chapel' (p.77).


    Various artists, including Roberts himself, were chosen to produce the lithographs for the Picturesque Sketches in Spain folio. This drawing was produced as a lithograph by Thomas Allom (1804-1872)


    Medium: Original hand-coloured lithograph by Thomas Allom.


    Plate 16.


    Inscribed lower right 'Chapel of Ferdinand and Isabella, Grenada', 30.5 x 42 cm, framed.



    Katherine Sim. David Roberts R.A. 1796-1864: A Biography. Quartet Books: London, 1984.

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