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Plate 49 Jericho Stroobant Edition - After David Roberts
  • Plate 49 Jericho Stroobant Edition - After David Roberts

    David Roberts observed this scene on 3 April 1839 with the Red Sea in the distance beyond the city of Jericho. This edition was produced by Francois Stroobant for the French edition of David Roberts' Holy Land Tour. It is slightly smaller in size compared to the Louis Haghe English versions although it contains the same detail as Roberts' original watercolour.


    This lithograph was part of the scarce 1843/1844 book 'La Terre Sainte/Vues et Momuments recueillis par David Roberts, avec one description historique sure cheque planche' published in Brussels by the Société des Beaux-Arts. This was published in French and was the equivalent of the English editions on the Holy Land with drawings by David Roberts. The lithographs in the French edition were produced by François Stroobant (1819-1916) who was a Belgian painter and lithographer.


    Medium: Original hand-coloured lithograph from the 1843/1844 French Stroobant folio.


    Full Plate 49.


    Inscribed lower left F Stroobant 1844, 26.5 x 40.5 cm, mounted.


    Provenance: Harrods, London (£1800), sold with the code H2685. 


    Note, we have the same view for sale on our site as a Royal Subscription Edition which was completed by Louis Haghe.

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