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After Paolo Veronese - Adoration of the Kings 18th Century Etching
  • After Paolo Veronese - Adoration of the Kings 18th Century Etching

    An original 18th century Etching of Paolo Veronese's painting 'Adoration of the Kings (Magi)'. This work was completed by Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (1708-1783) who was an important French engraver that was employed in the Cabinet du Roi, which was part of the Royal Family. He completed works after Vernet, Adrien van de Velde, Parrocel, Berchem, Ruysdaël, Watteau, Oudry and Lancret.


    Veronese's large religious works were always popular within the printing industry and amongst collectors. This scene shows the Magi coming to adore the infant Christ child who is being held by the Virgin Mary with her husband Joseph next to her on the right. The Magi's gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh are on display and their servants are looking after their horses and camels.


    This work is also held at leading institutions such as the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Gallery of Scotland.


    Inscribed ' Adoration des Roys, d'Apres le Tableau de Paul Veronese qui est dans le Cabinet de Monsieur le Comte de Morville - Peint sur toille de trois pieds 4 pouces de haut, sur quatre pieds 5 pouces de large gravé par Jacques Philippe Le Bas -', 25.3 x 33.7cm (engraving size without inscription), mounted.


    Condition report: Good condition with some time staining. There are the odd foxing mark and a possible couple of ink marks to the right hand side of the engraving (see photos). There are also a couple of creases which can be faintly seen where the inscription is.

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