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Att. Alfred Edward Chalon RA (1780-1860) - Flora Mac-Ivor from 'Waverley Novels'
  • Att. Alfred Edward Chalon RA (1780-1860) - Flora Mac-Ivor from 'Waverley Novels'

    This work is attributed to Alfred Edward Chalon and in our opinion is the original work by him of Flora Mac-Ivor for Walter Scott's pioneering work 'Waverley Novels'. Chalon throughout his career was known as an impressive portraitist and depicted various people from the London noble classes including famously Queen Victoria. His version of Her Majesty was then used on all early stamps throughout the Commonwealth. Together with his brother John James, they set up the Sketching Society with their friend Francis Stevens that lasted from 1808-1851 and was a continuation of the earlier group started by Girtin and then Cotman. 


    This delicate watercolour was produced around 1832 for Scott's work and the engraving is included with the photos. It clearly was drawn by a highly experienced artist and bears all of the hallmarks of Chalon's skill. The facial expressions and subtle tones of Flora's hair all point to Chalon. The impressive frame also points to this being an important work.


    Medium: watercolour with pencil on paper, 14 x 11 cm, in a 19th century glazed rosewood veneered frame.

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