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Att. George Frost of Ipswich (1744-1821) -  Landscape with a Horseback Rider
  • Att. George Frost of Ipswich (1744-1821) - Landscape with a Horseback Rider

    George Frost was based in his native county of Suffolk for his whole life predominantly living in the city of Ipswich. His works bear a strong similarity to Thomas Gainsborough who was the artist he most admired. In fact according to the Gentleman's Magazine in 1821 (1) he possessed many Gainsborough works himself and 'the last work which closed the career of Mr. Frost's pursuits, was an excellent Copy of Gainsborough's Large View of the Mall in St. James's Park of which he possesed the Original. It was painted in the 77th year of his age, and must be considered as an extraordinary performance' (p.90). A close friend of Frost's was John Constable whose subject matters would have been similar and also their love of Suffolk. Frost's views of the county were in a 'bold and masterly manner' and were 'eminently successful' (2).


    This present work attributed to Frost was part of Dr. Brett's impressive collection of British watercolours from the 18th and 19th century. Dr Brett was careful in collecting orginal works with provenance which strongly suggests this is by Frost himself. It depicts a rural landscape with two horses and a rider and is reminiscient of Gainsborough's sketches. This is probably a study for an oil painting or exhibition piece.


    Medium: pencil and watercolour washes on paper.


    Attribution inscribed on inside of mount (see photos), together with an inscription relating to Dr Brett, 24.1 x 16 cm, framed.


    Provenance:  Dr Edward Brett's Collection.




    (1) The Gentleman's Magazine, July 1821, pp.89-90.

    (2) Ibid., p.89.

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