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Att. John Varley O.W.S. (1778-1842) - Washerwomen
  • Att. John Varley O.W.S. (1778-1842) - Washerwomen

    This intriguing study of two washerwomen has been carefully drawn. The use of pen and ink for an outline is similar to other figure drawings that Varley painted including ones in the British Museum's collection. The broad watercolour washes show wide brushstrokes which are also similar to the artist's technique seen in other works. Without any further inscriptions we are selling this as attributed to Varley as Cyril and Shirley Fry believed it to be by the artist.


    Medium: pen and ink, sepia and watercolour washes, and pencil, 10.7 x 10.9 cm, mounted.


    Provenance: Cyril and Shirley Fry Collection (the late owners of the Fry Gallery).

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