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Circle of Richard Dighton (1795-1880) - Georgian Caricature c.1810s
  • Circle of Richard Dighton (1795-1880) - Georgian Caricature c.1810s

    Richard Dighton was particuarly known for his caricature drawings of famous contemportary London citizens. He followed in the footsteps of his father Richard Dighton and they both were seen as predecessors of the Vanity Fair caricatures of the late 19th century by artists such as Philip May. One of his brother's (Denis) also became an established artist in his own right painting battle scenes.The largest project Richard Dighton was involved in included making over one hundred etchings for a series on City and West End portraits between 1817 and 1827. He then moved to Cheltenham and later to Worcester, settling in the latter city for over twenty years before moving back to London.


    This impressive watercolour includes a variety of figures at a large outdoor gathering. There appear to be various members of society including those from the military and admiralty, and also ladies of distinction. The watercolour appears to be similar in style to those by Thomas Rowlandson.


    Medium: pencil, pen and ink, and watercolour washes on paper.


    18.8 x 14.3 cm, framed.


    Provenance:  Abbott & Holder (stock number 62269); Collection of Dr. Edward Brett.


    Note: The label on the back uses 'Deighton' which was another known variation for 'Dighton'.


    Condition report: In very good condition.

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