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Clarkson Stanfield R.A. (1793-1867) - Boat yard study
  • Clarkson Stanfield R.A. (1793-1867) - Boat yard study

    This typical study of a boat yard by Stanfield shows the skill of the artist with using bodycolour and minimal watercolour to add depth and realism to a composition. There were many works similar to this sold at his studio sale in 1868 and it is highly likely this work was also sold then based on an old label affixed verso. 


    The watercolour most likely depicts a small boat yard in England, possibly somewhere in the east of the country. The picture comes with an interesting provenance trail and is an excellent example of Stanfield's work.


    Medium: Pencil and watercolour with touches of bodycolour, 27 x 38cm, framed.


    Provenance: Likely from Clarkson Stanfield's Studio sale, Friday, May 8th, 1868 at Christie, Manson & Woods, unknown lot number (label verso has inscription '15 Colour pencil drawing, Clarkson Stanfield, bought at his sale'); James Graham, picture dealer (label verso); Sotheby's stencil 085058/2/18 in yellow chalk; Unknown auction 6/11/1987 - a pink label affixed verso; Private collection, U.K.


    Condition report: generally in very good condition. There are a couple of small foxing marks as shown in the photographs.

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