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David Cox O.W.S. (1783-1859) - Wooded landscape with hill in distance
  • David Cox O.W.S. (1783-1859) - Wooded landscape with hill in distance

    A typical landscape scene by David Cox which depicts two figures by a path leading towards a wood with a hill in the background. The building on the hill is unknown at present but may possibly be the remains of a castle. The technique used for the trees is very similar to the artist's famous watercolour titled 'Sun, Wind, and Rain' which is held in the Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery. This picture was painted in 1845 and shows Cox's later technique. [1] Although, the artist hasn't signed or dated our work, we can be confident that it is probably painted around the same time in the 1840s.


    Medium: watercolour on paper, 25 x 32 cm, framed.


    Provenance: J. Davey & Sons, 44 Duke Street Liverpool (label verso).


    Condition report: the picture is in generally very good condition. However, there is a vertical tear towards the bottom of the watercolour on the path which is about 1.5cm. This is reflected in the price we have placed on this watercolour and future restoration would certainly increase its value.




    [1] Scott Wilcox (ed.), Sun, Wind, and Rain: The Art of David Cox, Yale University (2008). See pp. 201-202.

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