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Dr Thomas Monro (1759-1833) - A Woodland landscape with a pond
  • Dr Thomas Monro (1759-1833) - A Woodland landscape with a pond

    A typical artwork by Dr Thomas Monro of a woodland landscape with a pond in the foreground. Monro was primarily a doctor with King George III being his most famous patient. He also had a keen interest in British art and particuarly helping the rise of the medium of watercolour. Monro became the patron of various artists including: William Turner of Oxford, John Sell Cotman, Thomas Girtin and Peter de Wint. There has been various scholarly work on the 'Monro Circle' which was a gathering of artists at his house for the purpose of giving evening classes and the opportunity for practitioners to copy works Monro selected for them (mainly the work of Alexander and John Robert Cozens). These gatherings included a young JMW Turner and Girtin, and eventually helped in the founding of the Sketching Socity (1799-1851) which proved to be an important club helping to professionalise watercolourists.


    Medium: chalk, wash and brush with some scratching out on paper.


    14.5 x 20.5 cm, framed.


    Provenance: W. Foxley Norris, Dean of York (Monro's great-grandson); Abbott & Holder.

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