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Edward William Cooke (1811-1880) - Egmont near Scheveling, low water 1868
  • Edward William Cooke (1811-1880) - Egmont near Scheveling, low water 1868

    This work is almost certainly a study for the large exhibition piece 'Landing fish at Egmont' that Cooke painted in 1870. [1] The figures and position of the pincks are slightly different but it clearly is the same stretch of coastline and ultimately the same scene. Our example has been painted in chalk by Cooke and is an excellent and rare example of his skill in this medium. The Dutch pincks have been painted with a masterly touch and the sails convincingly appear to be moving in the wind. The wet reflections in the sand add to the composition and help to set Cooke's works apart from other marine artists of this period.


    Cooke was continually drawn to the Dutch coastline and was particularly interested in Scheveningen. He even would sometimes sign his works Van Kook in homage to the Dutch tradition of maritime art. Our picture can be linked to other works from this period according to Munday. He believes that our drawing even shares a common link with his 1856 Royal Academy exhibition piece 'Dutch pincks arriving and preparing to put to sea on the return to tide.' [2]


    Medium: chalk drawing, signed l.l. 'E.W. Cooke R.A. 1868' and inscribed indistinctly l.r. '...SCHEVELING LOWWATER', 23 x 33.5cm, framed.


    Provenance: Martyn Gregory; Private collection U.K.




    Included in John Munday's catalogue raisonné on Edward William Cooke as Plate 100 on p.128. [3]




    [1] John Munday (1996), 'E.W. Cooke 1811-1880: A Man of his Time', Antique Collectors' Club: Woodbridge, p.7. Catalogue number 70/4.


    [2] Ibid., p.127.


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    Condition report: generally very good for its age, please see photographs. Frame shows some wear.

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