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Edward William Cooke R.A. (1811-1880) - Scheveling Pincks 1837
  • Edward William Cooke R.A. (1811-1880) - Scheveling Pincks 1837

    Edward William Cooke was a pupil of the famous maritime artist Clarkson Stanfield and quickly began to make a name for himself in his own right. Cooke's Dutch paintings are amongst his best with this being reflected by John Munday choosing the painting 'Scheveling Shore' for the front cover of his comprehensive 1996 book ' E.W. Cooke 1811-1880: A Man of his Time.' The watercolour for sale also depicts Scheveling, which is more commonly known today as Scheveningen, a seaside district of the Hague in the Netherlands. Cooke has usefully dated it as the 6th Sept 1837 which fits in with Munday's itineray list for that year (p.365). Cooke was known to be at Scheveling on the 5th September and stayed at the Pays Bas Hotel. He then was recorded at the Hague on the 8th which therefore had given him a few days at Scheveling to sketch.


    This example shows a number of Dutch Pincks lined up on the shore with other vessels further along the coast suggesting it is low tide. On the right-hand side the Ouede Scheveningen Church is visible. Other examples of drawings, sketches and paintings of Scheveling by Cooke can be found in Munday's book, particularly on p.125.


    Medium: watercolour with pencil on paper.


    Inscribed lower left 'Scheveling Pincks Sept 6th 1837' and signed lower right 'E W Cooke', 38 x 44 cm, framed.

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