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Henry Barlow Carter (1804-1868) Holy Island, Northumberland
  • Henry Barlow Carter (1804-1868) Holy Island, Northumberland

    Henry Barlow Carter produced various variants on the subject of Holy Island in his watercolours and drawings. This example shows part of the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory on the right and Lindisfarne Castle to the left. As a practising Christian, Carter was particuarly interested in the island and its history with the founding monks arriving from Ireland in 635AD under Saint Aidan's leadership. It was here that the celebrated Lindisfarne Gospels were produced c.700AD which were illuminated manuscripts.


    Medium: watercolour with scratching out.


    Signed lower left, 'HB Carter', 23 x 33 cm, framed (note the frame is extremely fragile and has small parts missing as shown in the photographs. It comes as a free extra in addition to the watercolour).


    Provenance: Exhibited in Henry Barlow Carter exhibits at the Maritime Museum Hull 2006 & Scarborough Art Gallery 2007. The number 64 on the glass relates to its number in the exhibition and the original card description at the shows has been stuck onto the back of the frame.

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