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Jean Baptiste Claude Chatelain (1710-1771) - Pastoral Landscape
  • Jean Baptiste Claude Chatelain (1710-1771) - Pastoral Landscape

    Chatelain was born in London to a French Hugenot family and became an accomplished draughstman and engraver. He is particularly known for his landscape compositions which were often completed in pen and ink with watercolour washes.  He was employed by John Boydell to produce engravings after artists such as Claude, Rembrandt and Guaspre. His style is similar to other contemporary artists of the period including Paul Sandby. Unfortunately, Chatelain has not given any hint to the location of this watercolour. It could easily be a continental, English or even an imaginary landscape.


    Medium: pen and watercolour on paper. 13 x 18 cm, framed.


    Provenance: Sabin Galleries (Cork Street, London).

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