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Jean Morin (c.1605/1610–1650) Hierosme Francque Peintre du Roy Original Etching
  • Jean Morin (c.1605/1610–1650) Hierosme Francque Peintre du Roy Original Etching

    This rare etching by Jean Morin from around 1640-1650 depicts a self portrait of the Belgian artist Jerome Francken (1540-1610) who was a royal court painter in Paris. The original painting is in the Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence in France.


    Morin was particularly skilled as a printmaker and is remembered for combining an engraving with an etching on the same plate. In total he completed 118 different plates and of this collection about 50 were portraits. He mainly copied paintings of leading figures and artists of the time which would explain why Francken was depicted in this etching.


    Original etchings by the artist are rare with the British Museum having a good selection of his work. There were about four states of our etching, with the British Museum catalogue number 1985,0504.117 being the closest.


    Inscribed l.l. 'Franque Pin' and l.r. 'Morin Scul' and in the centre along bottom 'Hierosme Francque Peintre du Roy'. Completed c.1640-1650.


    Medium: Etching on laid paper, 31.2 x 21 cm (etching size), framed.

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