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John Samuel Hayward (1778-1822) - Alpine Cabin Interior Scene
  • John Samuel Hayward (1778-1822) - Alpine Cabin Interior Scene

    The manuscript on John Samuel Hayward's life held at the Victoria and Albert Museum states that the artist was in Savoy, Chamonix  and Italy during September 1802. This corresponds to this watercolour as it is inscribed 'Sep 1802'. It is difficult to decipher exactly what Hayward wrote at the bottom of this work, but it seems to say 'Inside of the cabans[sic] in Mount Cenit'. Frustratingly, the mountain does not have a modern name similar to this,  but since he went to Savoy and Chamonix, which both incorporate parts of the Alps, this clearly is a mountain cabin with locals in. Few works exist from this tour in 1802 making it an important work. 


    John Samuel Hayward, although an amateur artist, exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy and had connections with many leading practitioners of the day. This included his important role in the Sketching Society which he joined in 1803. In the Society, Hayward and his fellow artists predominantly painted with brown washes and sepia paint which is similar to this watercolour. This shows that Hayward was already competent in this medium and used to working with light in his pictures.


    Medium: Pencil, sepia wash and white bodycolour on paper.


    Inscribed 'Inside of the cabans[sic] in Mount Cenit Sep 1802 J.S.H.', 1.3 x 18.6 cm, framed.


    Provenance: Dr Edward Brett's Collection.

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