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Att. Paul Sandby R.A. (1731-1809) - Imaginary Landscape with Castle
  • Att. Paul Sandby R.A. (1731-1809) - Imaginary Landscape with Castle

    A rare and important work attributed to Paul Sandby of an imaginary landscape in a capriccio setting with a castle perched on a hill in the distance. Few examples of Sandby's work in oil exist and this large scale example has to be one of the most impressive. Throughout his career Sandby tended to work in watercolour and bodycolour which he is generally known as specialising in today. However, 'in the final years of his long career Paul Sandby began to again work in oils, as was reported in a letter dated 4 December 1806 from Thomas Paul Sandby to their Bristol friend, George Cumberland: "My father is just come in from dining at Lord Maynard's...the Old Gentleman (who is quite well) desires his best regards to you, he has taken to paint in oils and I think most happy."' (Luke Herrmann, Paul and Thomas Sandby (London: VAM, 1986), p.61). A similar oil painting is in the Yale Center for British Art and is titled 'Landscape with a Lake', this composition is dated 1808 and shares various similarities with the one for sale here, albeit on a smaller scale.


    There is an iron forge in the foreground of the painting with smoke coming out of the chimney of the house. There are various figures, boats and animals moving towards the forge with a sunset occurring in the distance. It has been suggested that the castle is Beeston Castle in Cheshire. This may be the case with Sandby using a lot of artistic license, however, towards the end of his career he travelled less and less, and began to draw imaginary landscapes which this picture most likely fits in to.


    Medium: Oil-on-canvas in a period frame, 68 x 91 cm.


    The painting was re-stretched and cleaned by Head Conservation (Falmouth). This information will be forwarded to the purchaser.

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