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Thomas Uwins R.A. (1782-1857) - Study of Ivy on ancient ruin
  • Thomas Uwins R.A. (1782-1857) - Study of Ivy on ancient ruin

    This unusual study of nature by Uwins is charming for its delicate and detailed style. The use of blue buff paper is also rare by the artist, perhaps Uwins was experimenting with this work as other artists such as J.M.W. Turner and David Cox used it very successfully. The ivy appears to be growing up the side of a wall which could easily be an ancient building or ruin. It is reminiscent of the wild nature of many of the ruined monasteries in Britain dating back to the Reformation that artists favoured drawing for their picturesque nature.


    Medium: pen, ink and white bodycolour on blue buff paper, 30.4 x 26.2 cm, framed.


    Provenance: private collection in Yorkshire where previous owner purportedly bought from a Sotheby's sale back in the 1970s.


    Condition report: small fold in the paper in the top right hand corner as shown in photographs.

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